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Lee Bontecou

Lee Bontecou is one of my favorite artists- I was first introduced to her art while I was studying art history in college and she had an exhibit at the Hammer Museum in LA. Her sculptures feel heavy and brutal, but still organic. Untitled, 1959 The large scale works reach into the viewers space, creating both a feeling of repulsion and of being drawn in. The above work, Untitled, 1959, literally draws the audience into a black hole. Untitled, 1961 Untitled, 1962 Her work sits somewhere between drawing and sculpture. She uses many different materials, often found, including wire, welded steel, plaster, epoxy, canvas, rope and plastic.  Untitled, 1969 Bontecou began experimenting with vacuum-formed plastics in the 1960s, creating lighter weight sculptures....

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Quilting the Coat

This weekend, I drove to Cleveland to work with my fabulously talented Aunt Pam on this quilted detail. The coat is only partially sewn- no sleeves, no lining- so we were able to attach batting to the inside to get the puffiness we wanted. Then (after many tests), Pam used wooly thread to create the design. We were so happy with the results and I can't wait to fully finish the coat. 

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Louise Nevelson

Artist Louise Nevelson is a perennial inspiration for Syl Markt. She created large scale, monochromatic sculptures, usually in black or white. Her work is perfectly modern. She uses cubes and geometric shapes, wood and found objects. The scale and media of her work challenges notions of what is often defined as "feminine art".  She was always fabulously dressed- head scarves, multiple pairs of false eyelashes, enormous furs, couture layered under and over peasant clothing. When asked how she managed to dress this way, Nevelson replied, "Fucking, dear. Fucking." Lousie Nevelson Plaza, a sculpture garden featuring several of her works, is located in downtown New York.

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The Syl

Syl Markt is named after my grandma Sylvia (+ Markt, my last name). Here are some pieces of Sylvia's story: With my grandfather, Lewis Harris, 1946. He died before my sister and I were born. With Lew in Santa Monica, 1957. They lived in Los Angeles. On a cruise to Mexico, 1974. White pantsuit and gigantic collar!  1997. She loved a good brooch. At her 97th birthday party, on Halloween, 2012.

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