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Tambour Beading Class

hand and lock tambour beading

Beautiful embroidery work by Hand and Lock for Mary Katranzou


Last Thursday and Friday, I took a tambour beading class hosted by Hand and Lock, a 250 year old British embroidery house. Hand and Lock has developed couture beading for the Royal Family, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Givenchy and many more. The class was taught by Janika Magi, who was fabulous and talented and endlessly patient with my mediocre-at-best beading skills.

tambour beading tools

These are the tools- Guterman thread (it's the best!), a tiny scissors, and the tambour embroidery hook. The screw must line up with the ridge in the needle at all times!

tambour beading row bugle beads

Well, this is what I made. It's not perfect, but it took 8 hours to get here! As you can see, I have a lot of practicing to do. But it was super fun and I am going to be spending some evenings with my tambour in hand!

And here's a little video of Victoria from Victoria Sdoukos Couture demonstrating the all important chain stitch.